As many people would wonder as to why I decided to build a cigar lounge, and with all the market research that would discourage anyone from diving into such business, especially with this type of deep investment, I can only respond by saying that this has always been a dream of mine since I was in my early thirties. ​

Yes, as odd as it may seem, owning a cigar lounge with a vision that emphasis on exceptional customer experience had not only been a dream of mine, but a passion that I was determined to create sooner or later.

The original thought for the Royale Cigar Lounge came about after the casino had moved in on Georgesville road, I was driving by and saw an old service station building that was right across from the casino’s garage entrance, at that time, I realized that this was it. The vision that I saw in my mind at that time was never distorted or questioned at all; I even drew the eventual look of the building in my head as I sat in my car in that parking lot staring at what I finally had realized; it’s time.

I started researching the property and to my surprise it was owned by a friend that I had just concluded doing business with on another project, I offered to buy the property, he declined and offered partnership and I never hesitated for a second. See there was nothing that was going to stop me from building my dream now. The project was far from painful, we faced many, many challenges along the way, structural, legal, and many more issues that were never accounted for. Having said that, and blowing the initial investment projections by more than double, and 4 years in the making, I still never lost an ounce of passion to finally be close to opening, and serving my beloved potential customers. 

As a cigar smoker myself, I have travelled to many places in search for the best cigar lounges across the country, and throughout my endeavor, one thing was always very clear to me, I wanted proper and sufficient ventilation. I believed that it was the most Important factor in creating the best customer experience, so I contracted the best mechanical engineer (after extensive research) to draw out what I always have envisioned. I remember our first meeting and how I explained my vision, dream, and goals, and how he looked at me with a grin on his face to tell me what an HVAC project of such magnitude could possibly cost. I will be honest with you, I was shocked for a minute, but it was never a question of yes or no for me.

When it came to the interior design and, colors, furniture, and atmosphere, I was fortunate to have met this vibrant local interior designer that quickly, and after our first meeting she was on board and all that she suggested was spot on to how I wanted my dream to be built. Antonia was not only instrumental in her execution, she was just as passionate about the project, that at times I found myself wondering if this was my project or hers. We both had the same vision of a contemporary style cigar lounge; to step out of the 80’s old wood wrapped interiors with a few big bulky leather chairs and couches. We decided to go all out with full-blown industrial look, touch, and feel. With that in mind, we were still able to bring in the leather chair touch using the Aviator style chairs, mirrors, tables, and even carried that look into the men’s restroom.

Grey stucco, black brick columns, steel design with open and exposed duct work, a stand up bar that serves the best hand selected adult beverages that are paired with your favorite cigars, a tower that adds character to the building from the outside and a great feel on the inside that also opens up to the bar patio, a walk in cigar humidor wrapped in the best quality Spanish cedar to help protect your cigars from ever drying up, black accent walls that adds warmth to your experience, a fully functional four season room that has glass garage doors that opens up to two patios, hand made barn style door using reclaimed barn wood that extends onto the hand made tables, bar skin, bar back, and a 10 foot light fixtures that is home to 50 hanging Edison style light bulbs is what you would expect to see when you walk into the Royale Cigar Lounge.

We will also feature a cigar club membership (not required), but highly recommended, that offers name plated cigar lockers, major discounts on our cigars, automatic VIP registration to our annual cigar party, discounts on drinks and food, and a propriety booking for private parties upon availability.

Our food menu will be a very simple one page upscale bar food offerings that will feature signature appetizers, main course, and deserts. We will also feature a high-end coffee bar that will promise to satisfy the coffee connoisseur.